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80-100L Lavender Essential Oil Distill Equipment Steam Distillation Lemongrass Oil Extraction Machine

50L Homemade Lavender Oil Distiller- Essential Oil ...

The steam that contain essential oils will pass through the cooling system condenses and forms liquid so that the essential oils and water can separated from each other from plant material. Details and Package of Homemade Lavender Oil Distiller. Raw Materials

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Product Description HDC brand,Our essential oil extraction equipment is popular in production of health products,biological drugs,cosmetics and food .This uses technology and chemical separation,can extract plant components efficiently by steam distillation More

Plant essential oil distiller for rose/lavender/lemongrass/rosemary

Plant essential oil distiller for rose/lavender/lemongrass/rosemary specifications: 1.Make essential oils from flowers,leaves etc, 2.Steam distillation 80-100L, 3.Saving Fuel,Water,Time,...

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steam distillation of fresh flowers. So, in the above process there are no additives ... We ... 100% pure lemon essential oil, Indian traditional attar, massage oils, and aromatherapy ...

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