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100% Avoid Burn Technology And Profitable Scrap Tire Pyrolysis Plant To Oil

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The pyrolysis tire recycling system can effectively convert waste tires into available resources, such as fuel oil,carbon black and steel wire. Our tyre recycling pyrolysis systems mainly include batch,semi-continuous and fully continuous.The following are the major differences between them:

Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant | Waste Rubber Recycling Machine

A lot of waste tire rubber will have a great impact on the environment. So we need to find an effective way to recycle these scrap tire. Today, investing in a waste rubber pyrolysis plant may be a good idea. Because this plant can help us recycle them into fuel oil.

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• A 100 TPD tyre pyrolysis plant produces 110,000 barrels of oil a year • A 100 TPD tire pyrolysis plant produces 300 barrels of oil a day. A commercially proven solution that produces over 15x more than the average producing US oil well! There are over 350 million scrap tires produced in the US each year.

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Tire-derived fuel (TDF) or pyrolysis oil is one of the largest applications of scrap tires in U.S., however it is currently being challenged by crumb rubber due to the steep fall in oil prices in recent years. Cement plants are the biggest consumers of TDF in the country.

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c. To decrease and eliminate the wastes of scrap tires in landfills. d. Helps to meet the country's recycling policies and projects. e. Create more jod opportunities for people. Safety Feature Specific operating tech to deal with all the bug during the production. a. 100% Avoid burn technology b. Explosion-proof technology for 100% c.

Waste Tyre to Oil Plant Manufacturer and Supplier-GreenBeston

Beston BLJ-16 Waste Tire to Oil Plant in Nigeria. Why Our Waste Tyre to Oil Plant Is A Good Choice. Among so many waste tyre pyrolysis plant suppliers, GreenBeston is a professional one of the few who really cares about the technique, quality, and services at the same time. In addition, our tyre oil plant stands out among the like products also because of the following reasons.

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